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 Kartel's CH Application

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PostSubject: Kartel's CH Application   Sat Nov 19, 2016 9:28 pm

In-Game Name:
Answer Here

Real Age: 15

Country: Macedonia

Timezone: GMT+2

When did you join the community?: About a week.

Why would you like to become a Community Helper? (Write at least 150 words): Cause,.I've been a Community Helper before,.I've seen the same scripts which the server has so i thought i might have the chance to become a CH.I would like to help players too,.Cause that is like a hobby for me.I also know all CH cmds.

Why do you think that you'll be a good addition to our Advisory Team ? (Write at least 150 words): Well here is my answer,.I em not here to see which Advisor is the best and who is not,.All i care is about helping other players so they can understand.I might not be a better RPer then other Advisors,.But still i know how to RP and i know the rules.,I em a guy who you can trust and i em friendly.

Do you currently have a microphone?: Yes,.I do.

Do you have Team Speak 3?: Yes,.I do.

Do you agree that if you do not stay active, you will be removed without notice?: Yes, but if i want to be inactive atleast i will announce why i will be.,I have some work in social life too.

Have you read  the Community Advisors Team Handbook?: Yes.

Do you understand that being a Community Helper requires a lot of your time? Yes, i understand.

Rate your English skills level(0/10): Well sometimes i can't spell right so i would rate it about 8/10 or 9/10.
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PostSubject: Re: Kartel's CH Application   Sun Nov 20, 2016 1:20 am


Your application has been put On-Hold For the following Reason(S)
1. Put more effort on both of the questions
2. Fix the grammatical errors in both of the questions
3. As you can read it says 150 word and without counting them they aren't 150 word, so fix it
You have Seventy Two ( 3 days ) hours to update your application in order to continue the recruitment process.

On behalf of the Advisory Team, we wish you good luck.
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Kartel's CH Application
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